Pet Safe Candle

Dog and Pet Safe Candle

Our organic shampoos and conditioners are the best grooming products for sensitive and itchy dogs who struggle with irritation and inflammation after bathtimeOur natural products are formulated with hypoallergenic, skin soothing ingredients to calm irritation and nourish dry, flaky, inflamed canine skin. We avoid the use of any cheap synthetic ingredients and nasties, which are the number one cause of itchy skin and irritation for dogs' skin which is much thinner and more sensitive than a human's. No SLS (sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate) alcohol, perfumes, fragrances, silicones, palm oil or methylisothiazolinone (MET). All of our products are also packaged in eco-friendly sustainable glass packaging and biodegradable labels, so they are better for your dog, and the planet too.