Meet Kerry & Bear The Cockapoo

We are so excited to welcome Kerry Moore, AMLY Co-founder, to the blog to talk to us about all things skincare, and of course her beautiful Cockapoo named Bear!

AMLY Wild For Dogs Organic Green Earth Day 3

What makes you excited about our AMLY x WFD collaboration?

It is always so lovely to meet and collaborate with brands and founders who share our philosophy to create products that enrich our lives without damaging our precious environment. Both Lisa and myself are passionate dog owners so it is really exciting to find a brand for our dogs that we love as much as our skincare!

Where did your passion for skincare begin?

I have loved all lotions and potions since being a child, picking flowers and soaking them in water to make ‘perfume’ so I guess it all progressed from there!

I am a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist so I am mindful of how things affect our bodies. I have opted for organic food products for many years and know it is just as important we make those same choices for what we use on our skin.

AMLY Wild For Dogs Organic Green Earth Day 3

What is so special about the way AMLY harvest ingredients?

We work very closely with our alchemist to both grow and source ingredients from growers that are committed to offering the highest quality botanicals. The holistic benefits each offer is amplified when careful consideration is given to the way they are harvested. This will be unique to each ingredient .

At the farm we create an AMLY essence that includes all of the wildflowers and blossoms that grow on the farm. Lisa collects them very early in the morning as this is optimal for potency, they are dried naturally (preferably in sunlight) then steeped in oil or our springwater to create the essence. This literally captures the entire blueprint of the plant and the landscape.

Can you pick a desert island product from your range?!

I think it would have to be the Deep Reveal Cleansing Balm as I could clean my face and leave it on as a nourishing, protective layer when needed. The smell is utterly divine and would transport me back to our flower-filled English pastures.

What we are most desperate to know is more about your gorgeous dog?!

I have a Cockapoo, he is 11 years old and so he is slowing down a little. He's called Bear but he goes by many nicknames and he's happy to answer to them all. Bingy, Clarence, BareBear - honestly don’t know how they came about!

What does a day look like for Bear working with you at AMLY?

I mostly work from home in Streatley-on-Thames when I’m not at the farm or in meetings. He usually sits by my feet until I have a zoom when he immediately jumps up and wants to join in, not always appreciated!

We have so many beautiful walks so we vary them daily but usually end up in one of the dog-friendly cafes for a coffee and water break for Bear.

And what does he get up to on days off?

Bear is like a love bomb, he just wants to show his love in any way he can, usually by getting as close as he possibly can which inevitably means on top of an arm or leg and obscuring the T.V.

And rolling in unmentionables, he loves it, especially when alongside standing in the muddiest water possible. His fur is pale and super curly so it is an absolute chore washing it out!

Uh oh - does he love or hate his bathtime?

He is not a fan of bath time and will try and escape if he knows it’s coming, but once in the bath he quite enjoys a warm wash down.

How do you feel that the AMLY and Wild For Dogs ethos is aligned?

Taking care of yourself in whatever form that takes is vital in so many ways physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As a Holistic Practitioner, I try to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, including healthy eating, some form of exercise and really importantly trying to connect with nature. When we do anything in a mindful way it helps us to reconnect with how we really feel in that moment, takes away from the constant brain noise and to do lists and helps us to balance our nervous systems. With skincare rituals, we have an opportunity morning and night to slow down, offer ourselves gentle face massage to ease our tensions and breathe in natural scents that can help transform our mood. With the right products, we can keep our skin looking its very best whatever age we may be. Healthy, glowing skin always looks good and feels great.

Why should it be any different for our dogs? They will always benefit from your undivided attention and loving touch and if they have the added benefits of keeping their hair and paws in good condition all the better!

We couldn't agree more!!

AMLY Wild For Dogs Organic Green Earth Day

Thank you so much to Kerry and Bear - it's been a pleasure getting to know you better and hearing more about the wonderful AMLY! 

If you'd like to try any of their truly incredible products, Kerry has kindly offered our WFD family a huge 20% off sitewide until the end of April 2024. Enter code: EARTHDAY20 and click here for their website

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