Does my dog need a nose and paw balm?

Rough pavements, rocky walks, and endless zoomies can cause cracks and cuts in dogs’ paws, which can be very uncomfortable for our poor pets as well as making them more prone to infection.  On top of that, a dog’s nose is one of their most important assets! They depend on their sense of smell, and dehydration and changing seasons can easily affect their sweet little snouts causing discomfort, dryness and itchiness.

This is why it’s super important to look after their noses and paws with something that can treat any issues, but also help to prevent them before they happen!

Cloud Balm Nose Paw Skin Treatment For Dogs Organic Natural England


We are so excited to introduce our newest product, Cloud Balm! We packed it full of the most renowned skincare ingredients that work to heal, nourish, moisturise and repair the skin, while also considering hair and nail health too.

With its unique soft, fluffy, buttery texture it feels just like - you guessed it - a cloud! Formulated with 100% natural and 99.9% organic ingredients to intensively soothe and repair the skin, it is a powerful remedy for dry, cracked paws and noses, as well as a protective measure for everyday use, and a soothing ointment for any areas of itchiness or inflammation on the skin.

So…what’s in it?


    • Organic Shea Butter: this magical ingredient is one of the most powerful emollients, which means it works to dramatically soften and hydrate the skin. It contains several types of essential fatty acids that improve the skin's natural barrier, and helps to protect skin from environmental damage.

    • Organic Sweet Almond Oil: this powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient helps cells to retain moisture, relieves pain and can heal chapped skin and irritation. On top of that it’s also naturally antibacterial and antifungal to help prevent infection. The skin isn’t the only thing that benefits - it also helps to keep hair and nails strong and healthy too, so lather it on for all over goodness!

    • Organic Olive Oil: this renowned ingredient is definitely not just for delicious salad dressings! It has exceptional moisturising and nourishing properties to hydrate the skin with high content in vitamin A, E, D and K making it an ideal product to protect even the most sensitive skins.

    • Organic Coconut Oilwidely recognised for its ability to improve skin barrier function and repair, it also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties and can help lower the levels of yeast on the skin which drives the inflammation, flaking, and itching associated with dandruff.

    • Vitamin E is a deeply restorative powerhouse ingredient that locks in moisture, helps to heal wounds, treats allergic reactions, alleviates eczema symptoms, promotes nail health and protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals!

With all of these targeted ingredients and organic botanicals combined, Cloud Balm is so much more than just a nose and paw balm; this magical ointment can also be used all over your pup to soothe any areas of irritation or dryness on the skin, and on top of that humans can use it too, so we hope your four-legged-friend is good at sharing!

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Natural Organic Nose Paw Skin Treatment Balm Dog

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