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Testimonials from some of our waggy tails


Absolutely gorgeous products. Bought the organic grooming duo for my two cavaliers as it was important to me to use natural products. Smells beautiful, lathers wonderfully and the girls are sparkling after their baths. Very impressed.

Kirstie B

LOVE LOVE LOVE It smells wonderful and really makes my dogs coat soft and silky. We have a cockapoo, so grooming is a big part of ownership and I wish my groomer also used Wild products because I just love how she feels after a bath at home ❤️ This is my second order and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.


The best grooming products we've used. I absolutely love the grooming duo, the love bomb spritz and also your candles. The shampoo & conditioner always leaves my cockapoos floof lovely and soft and easier to brush. We would never be without it. The service is always perfect and I’m so glad the company is doing well, we’ve been ordering for about 2 years now and never had any issues with the products. Thank you

Reena S

Love Bomb is gorgeous! I was against buying scent for my dog, but bought because as well as helping to repel fleas it is coat conditioning and my pup mats in winter from all the extra washing due to mud and just from being wet and towel dried constantly. The smell is addictive, you don't need much and whilst nothing would stop me cuddling her (not even slightly smelly ears) this makes it even more pleasurable. Also love the candles and the shampoo and conditioner. Would like some gentle natural ear cleaner now too please! :-)


Amazing product, lovely smells- the lavender shampoo is truly heaven. Really appreciate the sustainable element of reusing the plastic pump too. Customer service was absolutely incredible, Laura was so so helpful, im allergic to a lot of ingredients and she gave me full ingredient lists so I could be sure I wouldn't end up with a rash every time I wash the dog. Overall very pleased and will buy over and over!

Violet H

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No Nasties

We avoid all the common nasties and allergens that are used industry-wide and can lead to skin conditions and reactions.


We package in reusable and recyclable glass with compostable labels, and offer totally plastic-free options.


We pack our products with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, essential oils, and skin-loving botanicals.


We are firm believers that there is no place for the mistreatment of animals. Our products are strictly vegan and cruelty-free.

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