Squeezy Mixing Bottle

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For an easy fuss-free bathtime! 

We all know some of our doggies aren't super keen on bath time, so we are introducing these lovely mixing bottles to make things easier for you and your pup! With one hand squeezing and the other free to comfort your dog, bathtime stress will be a thing of the past.

Our Wild For Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner are packaged in glass and are highly concentrated - they can be mixed at 32 parts water to 1 part product, so a little goes a long way, and we don't want any going to waste; our mixing bottles are here to help with that too. 

How to use the mixing bottle?

Simply pump/pour in 1/2 cm of product, fill the rest with warm water, shake to mix together and form a nice foamy mixture, and then flip the lid to squeeze it directly over your pup in the bath!

You'll find your product goes a lot further and you can use your free hand to help keep you pup under control. We can't promise to make them love bathtime, but we certainly do our best to help keep them as happy and comfy as possible!

What's it made from?

The Squeezy Mixing Bottle is made from durable PET plastic. It will last you a lifetime, but should you ever come to discard it, it is the most readily and easily recyclable plastic that can be disposed of through your household recycling schemes. 

500ml | 16floz