Meet The Brand Ambassadors


After so many amazing applications and adorable pups to look through, we have finally chosen our 8 Brand Ambassadors! We have been so overwhelmed with how many of you would love the chance to work with the Wild For Dogs Family and want to thank everyone who sent an application in. 

Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to the furry friends who will be working alongside us here at Wild For Dogs to share all the good stuff about our products! We’ve asked them all a few questions so you can get to know them a little better...


Breed: Dachshund 

Instagram: @coffeethesausage 

About:  I'm Coffee the Dachsund - but you can call me Honeybee, Pupper, or even Naughty. I'm a tiny bit stubborn, but I make up for it with lots of love, and by being absolutely gorgeous! My pawrents like to keep me well groomed and they love WFD as it’s made of all natural ingredients, it’s vegan and cruelty free! What’s not to love?!

Dachsund Doxie Sausage Dog Shampoo Conditioner Natural Organic



Breed: Westie and Cockapoo

Instagram: @kaila.westie_nora.cockapoo

About: Also known as Mrs Sassy and Mrs Fluffy Bum, respectively. We're a dynamic Westie and Cockapoo Duo, known for our short legs and BIG attitudes. Our pawrents love WFD because it's not just about clean fur, but the BEST quality for us and the planet too!

Westie Cockapoo Best Shampoo Natural Organic


Breed: Miniature Schnauzer 

Instagram: @lovebytofu

About: I'm a miniature Schnauzer and my nickname is Toto. My hoomum says I'm cheerful, charming and very clever. Wild For Dogs is already my favourite brand because it gives me a shiny, soft and clean coat but also because it is one of the most eco-friendly pet grooming brands in the UK!

Mini White Schnauzer Best Grooming Products Natural Organic


Breed: Whippet

Instagram: @miathewhippet_

About: I'm Mia, but my friends call me Mia Moo or Cutie Patootie. I'm a loving and sassy Whippet who is always up for an adventure - especially if it involves some fox poo. I can't wait to be an ambassador for WFD, because what’s better than the NEOM of the dog world to clean me up?!

Best Quality Grooming Products For Whippets



Breed: Shihpoo Brothers

Instagram: @edgar_and_norman

About: We are two Shihpoo brothers, and as a pair we're known as the Fluffies and Handsome Boys. We are adorable, loving, and a little bit cheeky - especially naughty Norman. We love bathtime and keeping our coats clean, fresh and smelling great, so WFD is perfect for us!

Natural Organic Shampoo Conditioner Fragrance Dogs Shihpoo


Breed: Rescue / Maltese Chihuahua Cross

Instagram: @tobyteefs

About: I also go by: Teefy Boy, Baby Boy, Tobes, and my favourite, Teefs. I'm a rescue Maltese Chihuahua cross, and I'm lazy, very handsome, and totally loved. I can't wait to be a WFD ambassador as I'm a vegan doggo, so I love that we have the same values - plus I love being pampered by my mum!

Toby Maltese Chihuahua Cross Malchi Grooming Products



Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Instagram: @obiacespaniel

About:  I'm Obi, but you can call me Obi Chan, Mr O, or Wiggly Bum. I'm an adventurous Cocker Spaniel, curious about everything, and sometimes a bit of a cheeky monkey! I am so proud to be a part of WFD team because of their planet-friendly products and because my mama is in love with their pet-friendly candles!

Best Shampoo Conditioner for Cocker Spaniel



Breed:  Retriever

Instagram: @ranger_goldenretriever

About:  I'm also known as Ranger Danger. I'm a cuddly, playful Retriever - and I'm just a little bit handsome! I'm so excited to be an ambassador, as my pawrents say that WFD is the best and they wouldn’t use anything else for me. 

Best Shampoo For Golden Retriever Dog

Leave a comment below to say hello to our lovely Brand Ambassadors and welcome them to the WFD Pack! And if you applied to be an ambassador, but weren't chosen this time, make sure to check your emails for a special discount code!! 

Team WFD x


  • Tracy Leighton

    Hi ive got my own dog grooming buisness along side breeding poodle cross puppys
    Im always on the look out for new shampoo and products for my animals and always promoting things on my facebook page. Would you be willing to make me a brand ambassador
    Thanks Tracy

  • @hazeldown_labradors_

    All beautiful, lovely dogs and pictures
    Products sound amazing and vegan
    Love the pack 🐾🐾

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