The Organic Grooming Duo

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Treat your dog to the highest quality natural and organic grooming duo, for a happy healthy skin and coat. Keep on reading to find out what makes our products so special!

"Love this set. The most incredible shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used for my pup! He is so so calm when in the tub and will honestly just sit and be so still - there’s been the odd occasion when he’s almost fallen to sleep! The conditioner is beautiful and leaves him super soft! It’s definitely a luxury brand but worth every penny!" - Megan

Need To Know

✓ Available in 150ml (10 washes small dog) or 300ml sizes (10 washes large dog) and plastic-free options too.

✓ 130+ Five Star Reviews - read here

✓ Natural, organic formulas

✓ Hypoallergenic and free from nasties

✓ Best treatment for a dog with sensitive, itchy or dry skin

✓ Eradicates odours, mud and dirt - and fox poo!

✓ Leaves an unbelievably soft, shiny coat

✓ Natural flea and insect repellent

✓ Eco-friendly glass bottles with biodegradable label

✓ Vegan, cruelty-free and natural

✓ Can be diluted with 32 parts water to 1 part product

✓ Suitable for puppies and all dog breeds

✓ £1 from every sale goes to charity - find out more here

✓ Money-back Guarantee - find out more here

What makes us different?

Most industry standard dog shampoos are made with cheap synthetics that dry out a dog’s skin and coat, and can lead to sensitivity, itchiness and allergies. Our truly natural and organic formulations are infused with the highest quality ingredients that nourish, heal and soothe while avoiding and nasties or irritation.

About The Products

So Fresh So Clean Shampoo is a dreamy combination of Lavender Essential Oil, Argan Oil, and Aloe Vera for a gentle but effective bath-time. Skin and coat are thoroughly cleansed with no irritation and a beautiful subtle scent.

Super Soft Conditioner is infused with delicious Cedarwood Essential Oil, Willow Bark and super-nourishing Argan Oil and Coconut Oil. The coat is left silky-soft and smooth with no irritation to the skin, and a gentle fresh aroma that complements the Shampoo perfectly. 

For a beautifully fresh, soft and clean four-legged friend - who smells amazing!

Suitable for Puppies 12 Weeks+

Our Promise

99.9%+ Natural

89.6%+ Organic
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty-Free
100% Recyclable 

No Perfumes
No Nasties
No Palm oil
No Silicones
No Artificial colours
No Alcohol
No Parabens
No Lanolin 

£1 per sale  goes to our charity partner, the Wild At Heart Foundation.
Read a selection of our 5 star reviews below:

Wild for Dogs organic vegan sustainable best dog shampoo

Wild for Dogs organic vegan sustainable best dog shampoo