Veganuary With Nikki Tibbles

Nikki Tibbles is such an inspiration to us here at Wild For Dogs; not only did she found Wild At Heart, one of the most celebrated and beautiful floristry businesses in the UK, but she has used that success to support her true passion: raising money to support dogs in need around the world, via her Wild At Heart Charitable Foundation.

Like us, Nikki's love for animals does not stop with dogs. So we were delighted for the chance to ask her a few questions as part of our Veganuary celebration.

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Tell us about your journey to starting the Wild At Heart Foundation?

It was always a dream. I’ve loved animals all my life. I’ve always rescued animals thanks to my father. Even at University I rescued a dog. I could never leave a dog in need anywhere here or overseas and that's one of the reasons why I stopped going on holiday as I’d spend all my time feeding dogs and taking them to the vets. Leaving would kill me. So the foundation was such a dream, I didn’t just want it to be about rehoming a dog, it had to be about education to educate people to be kind and compassionate to animals. And to run mass sterilisation clinics to stop hundreds of thousands of dogs being born into a life of absolute hell. 

What would you say is the proudest moment since starting the Wild At Heart Foundation? 

Starting the foundation is the proudest moment of my life. My proudest achievement is being able to make a difference in our world. To have a compassionate programme on the curriculum is a dream and something I am currently working on. 


What's your favourite Wild At Heart Bouquet for this time of year?

Masses of white tulips!

You’re known for your incredible style, what’s your go-to favourite fashion brand?

I'm working my way through all my clothes in my wardrobe that I have been fortunate to buy over the years and I have no intention to buy anything new unless it's from my friend Andrea Previ who is the creative genius behind Lyrebird Atelier. Throughout lockdown Andrea handmade beautiful creations with vintage scarves. The collection is totally sustainable and gorgeous.


What made you decide to go vegan?

Because I could not be responsible for the pain and death of an animal just for a moment of pleasure eating an egg or a piece of cheese knowing how much suffering that animal had gone through. Also I care for our planet and environment very much.

What would you say to another fellow dog lover who is considering a vegan diet?

Would you eat your dog? Now tell me what’s the difference?

And finally your absolute favourite vegan recipe for them to try?!

I make an amazing french onion soup with roasted red onions, ratatouille and stuffed courgettes with tomatoes, herbs, vegan pesto and Violife feta cheese! All very yummy and popular with my friends. 


Thanks so much for reading!

If you are thinking about trying a plant-based diet, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions- we'd be happy to help. And check out these amazing documentaries to learn more about it all:
1. What The Health - the health benefits of a vegan diet
2. Land Of Hope & Glory - behind the scenes to see how animals live on UK farms
3. Cowspiracy - the environmental benefits of not supporting animal agriculture


All our products are of course strictly Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Shop HERE.


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