Upcycle Your Love-Bomb

It’s a sad day when you run out of your Love-Bomb fragrance, but we can help you turn it around… Check out the video below, and keep reading for some helpful tips!




Start off by cleaning your bottle: 
  • Step 1: Remove the pump
  • Step 2: Fill a jug or deep bowl with hot soapy water
  • Step 3: Fully submerge the bottle into the water and leave for about 10 minutes
  • Step 3: Your biodegradable label should peel right off
  • Step 4: Wash out the bottle
  • Step 5: Fill with a bit of water, replace the pump and spray to clean out this inside of the spray
  • Step 6: Decide what you want to reuse it as from the list below!


Now that the bottle is ready, here are some ideas on how to reuse it…

  1. Are you a plant-lover?!
Simply fill up your bottle with water (ideally rainwater or mineral water, but tap is fine too) and use it to give your indoor plants a daily spritz of happiness straight on their leaves!
  1. Or maybe a germ-hater?
I think we all are at this point; hand-sanitiser has become an absolute handbag essential! Turn your bottle in to your own natural gentle sanitiser to keep in your handbag or by the sink - here's a recipe to help: 
    • 2 parts rubbing alcohol
    • 1 part aloe vera gel
    • A few drops of your favourite essential oil, such as lavender or eucalyptus
    (Of course it goes without saying that other safety measures still need to be followed to protect yourself and others)


    We'd love to know if you have any other ideas on how to reuse your spray bottles! And of course, if you're looking to top up on Love-Bomb as well, CLICK HERE.


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