The best things come in small packages!

Meet your new favourite travel companion (except your four-legged friend of course!) - our 15ml One-Wash Shot!Organic Dog Shampoo Best Quality Travel Size Trial Mini Eco

With many of us planning a UK break instead of a trip abroad this year, our dogs will also be invited along for the adventure. After long muddy walks and trips to the seaside, they may need a little wash to freshen up throughout your time away.

Here’s 3 handy things to know about our One-Wash-Shots:

  1. Don’t let them fool you, these perfectly pocket-sized shampoos still use our 32:1 dilution ratio, meaning a little bit goes a long way! Our little 15ml shots become 480ml worth of product once diluted. If you have an empty plastic bottle lying around, instead of throwing it out we recommend repurposing it as your mixing bottle.
  2. Whilst the weather may be famously unpredictable, we know for sure that this time of year comes with the heightened risk of flea and insects getting to our dogs. Our shampoo is infused with Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil, which acts as a natural flea and insect repellent so it can help alleviate the worry and allow you to enjoy the British countryside without the stress.
  3. Lastly this little mini contains the same effective organic formula as the larger bottles and has the same eco-friendly qualities, so you know you’re taking care of your dog and the environment every time.


Organic Dog Shampoo Best Quality Sustainable Eco Friendly Puppy

So whether you’re planning a countryside escape with your pooch or are just eager to try our products before you commit to a larger bottle, our One-Wash Shots are perfect. It will leave your pup with a soft, shiny, fresh smelling coat and a happy summer holiday feeling!

At only £3.75 with free shipping, you won’t regret giving your dog the pamper they deserve. 


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