Summer must-haves for your dog!

The sun has finally got his hat on, which means it’s time for lots of lovely summer adventures with our four-legged friends! The only downside is that it’s the season for fleas, ticks, grass seeds, itchiness and more…

In this blogpost we’ll talk through what to do for all of the above, and the must-have products you need to keep your pooch naturally protected all summer long:

How to prevent my dog from getting fleas?

There is nothing worse than finding a dreaded flea on your dog, and having to immediately snap into action to decontaminate them - and every item in your home! So the best approach is definitely prevention. 

While many people use monthly topical solutions, more and more pet parents are opting for more gentle and natural options, or even using natural options on top of the monthly treatment for extra protection. So what can you use for natural flea prevention?

Shampoo and Conditioner

Keep on top of cleaning your dog with a natural shampoo and conditioner that uses insect-repelling essential oils. Lavender Essential Oil in our So Fresh So Clean Shampoo and Cedarwood Essential Oil in our Super Soft Conditioner do a great job!

Frequent Brushing

With frequent brushing you’ll be able to keep an eye out for any signs of fleas, as well as avoiding matting that could stop you from spotting any ticks or other bites on the skin. If you’re not sure how often you should be brushing your dog, or which tools are best for their coat type, make sure to download one of our free Grooming Guides


Giving your dog a little spritz of Love-Bomb (which contains Cedarwood Essential Oil) before you go out on grassy adventures will also give some extra protection form the insects.


My dog has fleas, what do I do?

Nightmare! It’s time to work fast to decontaminate the entire home as well as your pup. 

Collect up all loose fabric items (sheets, throws, cushions, clothing, bedding, towels etc.) and get them in the washing machine asap. Clean the floors, carpets and fixed fabrics with a flea killer, then move on to your your dog:

Natural Flea Remedies For Dogs

Once the environment has been cleaned, get your pup straight in the bath for a thorough wash. Salts are known to dehydrate and drown the fleas and their eggs, so empty a whole sachet of Soak Bath Salts into a tub. Submerge your dog thoroughly in the salty water and let them soak in it for 10 minutes. After that follow with So Fresh So Clean shampoo, and make sure to thoroughly lather it into the skin to allow the Lavender Essential Oil to do its work. Follow that with Super Soft Conditioner (which has insect repelling Cedarwood) and use a flea comb to comb it through, ensuring you cover every area. Wash again with So Fresh So Clean Shampoo. 

My dog is itching / scabbing

There are a number of factors that could contribute to your dog’s skin feeling extra itchy or uncomfortable during the summer months - from sunburn on the ears to skin rashes. 

Our soothing Cloud Balm is a naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal ointment that can be massaged into any areas of dryness and discomfort on the skin to help to heal, repair and alleviate itching. 

My dog has sore paws

Hot pavements, dry itchy grass, allergies, and grass seeds can all cause our dogs to experience uncomfortable or painful paws. 

If your dog is experiencing this, start of with some Soak Bath Salts, our natural non-medicated soak that draws on the incredible health benefits of Himalayan Salt and Dead Sea Salt. Fill a small bowl with 4 heaped scoops of salt, and soak your dogs paws for 10 minutes each. 

Follow the paw soak by gently applying our soothing Cloud Balm ointment to nourish, heal and repair the skin. 

We hope that’s helpful, and wish you and your dogs a happy and healthy summer! To see all the must-have summer products click here.

Team WFD xx

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