Meet The Gang

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our Brand Ambassador search - there were hundreds of entries from so many gorgeous dogs and we are so grateful for the support! After hours and hours looking through all your applications (it's a hard life looking through hundreds of adorable dog pics, but somebody has to do it) we managed to choose our Final 7...

So without further ado, please give a warm welcome to the furry friends who will be working alongside us here at Wild For Dogs to share their love for the products with their IG friends!

We asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves so you can get to know them better...



Nellie Golden Retriever Best Shampoo Conditioner Dogs

Breed: Golden Retriever

Hello, I'm Nellie! Also known as Nellula, Good Girl, or even Smelly Nellie if I haven’t had my bathtime! I'm cuddly, energetic and obsessed with FOOD! At my house we're all about sustainability and I‘m so excited to tell all my friends about WFD and their amazing organic, cruelty-free products that smell so good!



Ruby Cockapoo Dog Shampoo Bath

Breed: Cockapoo 
Instagram: @Cockapoo_ruby_19

It's me Ruby. But you can call me Rubbles or Rubes if you like! I'm cuddly and lovable with just the right amount of CRAZY! I love striking a pose and can't wait to introduce all my furiends to the amazing WFD products - especially as I love a good pamper and have so much floof to take care of.


Whippet Jeff Bathtime Best Shampoo Natural Dog Organic

Breed: Whippet 

Enchanté, I am Jeff. But I prefer Fancy Boi or Little Prince if you don't mind. I'm a very happy boy, always hungry, & needless to say, I'm incredibly handsome. As a city boy it’s important to stand out from the crowds, and I've had enough of the humans calling me Stinky, so with the help of WFD I can't wait to be the best smelling doggo in Hackney. And better yet, humans said that Wild For Dogs are doing all they can to reduce waste and limit their paw print on the planet. That’s a big thumbs up from me (if us dogs had thumbs).


Vinnie Viszla Dog Natural Shampoo Conditioner

Breed: Viszla 

The name's Vinnie, Vinnie The Pooch. But that's Vinster to you. But also sometimes Handsomes. I'm cheeky, loveable, & always getting up to mischief in the great outdoors. I'm not a huge fan of bathtime, but I love the extra treats - plus Wild For Dogs is the best there is and I love that the products are vegan and cruelty-free as well, so bring it on!



Best Shampoo Conditioner for Pomeranian Dog

Breed: Pomeranian 

We're Bailey and Björn. Or Bailey-Bear and Björn-Bear for short. We're cute and cuddly and the best dressed duo on the gram! We have always loved the Wild For Dogs range, especially as the Shampoo and Conditioner have really helped with Björn's hair, and we can't wait to tell our friends all about them!



Lurcher Margot Best Natural Dog Shampoo

Breed: Lurcher

Hi I'm Margot, but my hoomum calls me Little Monkey or Sweetie. I'm loving, adventurous, and I adoooore my food! I've been using Wild For Dogs since I was only 6 months old and hoomum says she loves that for WFD sustainability is a priority, as well as creating natural, vegan and organic products, that always have a dog's best interest at heart. I can't wait to spread the word!!


Natural Organic Dog Grooming Shampoo and Conditioner

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Nulah here! But I'll also respond to Noo-Noo and Noo-Boo, depending on who's asking. I'm affectionate, playful, and a little bit sassy...Me and my ma are beyond excited to be brand ambassadors for Wild For Dogs as we've loved the products since I was just a pup!


Leave a comment below to say hello to our lovely Brand Ambassadors and welcome them to the WFD Pack!

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