Are you a Smooth Criminal?!

We are delighted to introduce our loooong awaited Smooth Criminal Calming Leave-In Detangler! If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know we put together a team of secret agents to trial our brand new product before it hit the shelves - and we are SO excited to share their feedback with you. Here’s what our four-legged friends had to say!
Best Organic Natural Detangler Knots Dogs Calming Anxiety Spray

"OK OK OK hold the front page. There's a new knot saviour in town! We have been using the detangler spray for a few days now and it's incredible! Being a spaniel with VERY long fluffy ears that get muddy on EVERY walk, a daily rinse is a must but its always difficult to keep them knot free even with regular brushing. Now we just spray a little detangler in while they are still slightly damp, brush it through (which is so so easy BTW, no more pulling!) and towel dry, and my ears are smooth and knot free. Also, it works brilliantly on dry fluff. Yes DRY fluff!! I can't believe it. No other detanglers we have used work well on the fur when it's completely dry, especially in the armpits where its prone to matting, but this product works some kind of magical jiggery pokey and almost melts the knots away making it super easy to brush through. Thank you for inventing such a brilliant product that has genuinely transformed our grooming routine!" 

Best Organic Natural Detangler Knots Dogs Calming Anxiety Spray

"The Smooth Criminal spray is fantastic! Not only does it smell lovely it also has calming properties. With the recent cold weather I have been wearing my fleece most days (not always good for my kind of fur) a few knots have appeared so Mum has just used the spray and combed out the knots really easily! I really recommend this spray to all you pooches out there 🐶"

Best Organic Natural Detangler Knots Dogs Calming Anxiety Spray


"Nala is a Cocker Spaniel, so naturally her coat becomes knotty easily. With a small spritz of the detangler the knots brushed out straight away, with no forceful brushing. The smell is calming and soothing."


Best Organic Natural Detangler Knots Dogs Calming Anxiety Spray


"The detangling spray is amazing! We’ve been using it on Ranger's back legs as they’re fairly hairy and can get knotty! A small amount of spray makes it so much easier to get the knots out and the smell is lovely. It’s left his coat so soft. We’re so happy with this product and would recommend to all dog owners!"


We're so happy our secret agents completed their missions and were so happy with the results! So let's share more about what makes the Smooth Criminal so special...
Aloe Vera Leaf Extract is packed with active ingredients and minerals that help to strengthen the hair and follicles.
Vitamin B5 helps to get moisture right to the core of the hair, making it stronger, healthier and smoother.
Oat Extract works to reduce hair breakage and damage, smoothing cuticles and preventing splitting. 
Lavender Essential Oil is an amazing all-rounder for our dogs; not only does it promote healthy hair growth, but it is also a natural flea and tick repellent AND it helps to calm and soothe anxious dogs by relaxing their nervous system. 

The Smooth Criminal can be applied to wet or dry coats and there is no need to rinse it off. You can also spritz on liberally to bedding for anxious dogs.
Smooth Criminal Natural Detangler Knots Calming Spray Anti Anxiety Dogs Puppies

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