5 Reasons For Lockdown Grooming

Anyone else finding that stuck in yet another lockdown, it's starting to become more and more difficult to find things to do?! Going out for a long dog walk is almost definitely the highlight of the day.

But with trying to keep outdoor excursions to a minimum, it does make it slightly more difficult to keep our dogs stimulated and entertained. And without the groomers who many of us rely on for our dogs' cleanliness, things might be getting out of hand with all the wet weather and some very filthy pups!

So read on for FIVE reasons why at-home grooming is a must, especially during this lockdown period:

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It's a bonding exercise.
Grooming is an opportunity to spend real quality time with your dog where your attention and focus is completely on them. Wolves and wild dogs groom one another, and it displays a sense of pack unity. Once the post bath zoomies wear off, keep an eye out for a heightened sense of connection between you and your dog.


Natural protection.
Fleas and ticks are an ongoing concern, so we need to be extra careful on our nice long daily walks that our dogs are protected. At Wild For Dogs we're not super keen on using the strong chemical repellent; we prefer to rely as much as possible on frequent brushing and harnessing natural insect repellents such as Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Oils found in our products. Frequent grooming means you can keep an eye on a flea's favourite hiding place as well - pay close attention to the groin and armpits (or are they legpits?!) 

Best Shampoo For Dogs Organic Natural Eco FRiendly Sustainable







Build trust. 
By grooming and bathing your dog you are increasing the trust between you. This means you're nurturing your longterm ability to touch them without any growls, which is crucial for examining them for injuries, thorns and lumps and bumps. Always keep a close eye on the paws - especially at the moment while it's not so easy to pop to the vet.

Mental stimulation for dogs is also a great way to combat boredom and restlessness. It doesn't always have to be outdoor physical activity. Learning to stay calm in the bath and experiencing this activity with you is highly engaging and stimulating.

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It's nice to smell nice! 
And lastly because being trapped in lockdown with a smelly dog is not fun for anyone! Our products are formulated with gentle, organic, hypoallergenic ingredients that don't strip the skin or cause irritation - so you can give a quick rinse as often as you need. We infuse with natural essential oils that leave a beautiful long-lasting scent, and nourish the skin and coat for the softest freshest cuddles - and no muddy paw prints on the sofa!

So there you have it, five reasons to give at-home grooming a try - let us know how you get on! Shop the Organic Grooming Duo HERE with FREE shipping when you spend £50 and 10% off your first oder with code: WOOF10.

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