Meeting Portia

We’re about to start seeing a lot more of Portia Waldern-Campbell; Model, Crufts Performer and daughter of renowned Champion, Lucius The Afghan Hound.

Portia’s chosen human companions are Mia: hairstylist at prestigious eco-conscious London salon SMUK, Wild at Heart volunteer and talented artist, and Rik: co-founder of hugely successful Indian-inspired restaurant phenomenon, Kricket. With such a talented family, it begs the question, is there anything this month’s Wild For Dogs cover girl and her humans can’t do?
Portia Afghan Hound Wild For Dogs Luxury Eco Organic Grooming Products Shampoo Conditioner
We managed to set up a Zoom call with Portia to talk about a day in the life of Britain’s Next Top (Crufts) Model.  Even on-screen, she’s all-at-once playful and puppy-like, yet poised and disarmingly beautiful...


On Daily Life

I like to wake the humans up bright and early with some gentle face-sniffles and take them straight out for a brisk gallop around the park. Sometimes my cousin Barry The Sausage will be there. He’s a bit ridiculous and can’t keep up with me to save his life, but he’s been my best friend since I was little, so I‘ve grown to tolerate him.

Portia Wild For Dogs Luxury Organic Eco Friendly Grooming For DogsOn Beauty Regimens
My coat requires daily-brushing and at least 3 hours for the full wash and blow dry per week. I find it all rather tiresome, so I’m truly blessed and thank Dog every day for my live-in hairstylist, she’s spent a decade honing her skills on humans and takes such pleasure in her work. Plus she’s so passionate about quality hair care that I know she’ll only use the very best organic products on me (like Wild for Dogs!). With her I know my silky coat is always in the best possible hands.   

Portia Afghan Hound Wild For Dogs Luxury Organic Dog Grooming Products Eco FriendlyOn Fame
I love posing for pictures - whether it’s on the stage at Crufts, or for the pup-arazzi who always manage to find me when we’re out on our family walks. I especially love posing for the hairstylist human, she’s a gifted artist and draws the most delightful portraits of me and my friends.

On Crufts
This was my first year and I adored being on stage with my father  and the whole Af-Ghang - we looked splendid! Hairstylist human and spicy-food man were over the moon that I came second, but I still can't wait to go back and do even better next year.

Portia Afghan Hound Wild For Dogs Luxury Organic Grooming EcoFriendly Vegan Cruelty Free DogsOn The Humans
They really are the best and are so good to me. My only complaint is that I’m constantly having to clear up after them; their post and keys left on kitchen surfaces, socks and shoes in the corridors - honestly, it’s a nightmare! Fortunately, hairstylist human has bought me a great big comfy bed, so to avoid further confusion, I just bury anything left lying around in there where they can’t find them. 

On Lockdown
Normally I have the place to myself a few days a week to catch up on tidying, and my much-needed beauty sleep. But honestly I prefer company, and the last few weeks have been wonderful as hairstylist human and spicy-food man don’t seem to go to work anymore, so I get their undivided attention (I do worry who’ll be paying my expenses, but apparently someone named Bo-Jo has it all in hand). I go for long walks with my friends Tara, Daisy and Hetti, the Retrievers. And on top of it all with so much going on, there’s no longer need to pee on anyone’s bed…

Watch out for Portia at Crufts 2021 - we have a feeling she’ll be upstaging all the competition.

Portia Afghan Hound Organic Grooming Luxury Shampoo Conditioner Sustainable Vegan

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