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Meet Coconut, the inspiration behind Wild for Dogs. Each month we’ll be catching up with one of Coco’s doggy friends for tips, hot gossip, and tails of their paw-some adventures.

An average week will see Coconut’s time split equally between her two favourite humans: Stephen of RedRing Property Services and Laura, founder of Foxx & Co. branding and marketing consultancy.

Organic Natural Dog Puppy Shampoo Eco Friendly Vegan Cruelty-Free
After another early start, Coconut the schnoodle has managed to squeeze us into her busy schedule. Fresh from her first administrative job of the day, paper shredding, we sat down to catch up over a freshly brewed cup of builder’s tea.

Coco, talk us through your average day...
I have trained the humans perfectly to fit in with my routine. I wake up bright and early and send Stephen off to do a strenuous morning workout of at least 20 press-ups. This leaves plenty of time for me to receive Laura’s undivided attention (cuddles in bed). At 6.55 sharp I am called on by Stephen to hop in the van and head into the office for a day’s hard graft.

After you’ve left what does Laura get up to?
Laura runs Foxx & Co. but, since she got me, she has become obsessed with creating a natural, eco-friendly, vegan shampoo to wash me with.
You could say I’m her muse.


Wild For Dogs Organic Natural Vegan Cruelty-Free Shampoo Dogs and Puppies Eco-Friendly Sustainable" src="//

That must be great, always feeling super clean?!
No way. Every chance I get, I escape to roll in fox poo. 

Oh dear, so you aren't too keen on the shampoo?
Well, I enjoy bath time. I love being soaked in warm water and the soapy massage I get. A tug of war with Laura and the towel is also highly satisfying. If I have to be clean, then this is the best shampoo for the job; its natural, so its better for me, and fully recyclable so its better for the planet too. It leaves my hair feeling nice and soft and smelling delicious so I get lots of extra cuddles from the humans. For all of these reasons I would give Wild for Dogs my paw of approval.


Natural Organic Vegan Dog Shampoo Wild For Dogs

The door creeps open and Coconut flies out; she’s needed urgently to greet the delivery man - those packages aren’t going to inspect themselves.

Click here to find out more about Coconut's extra special dog shampoo.

Interview conducted and written by Ally Mackie












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